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Sparrows Gospel Choir -(Band) was started by the St. Luke's Church Youth, who felt that Music is part and partial in the spreading the Gospel to all people in different Arreners. Sparrows Gospel Choir has really served the Lord with one heart, Gospel has been preached through Music.

To day Sparrows Gospel Choir in Conjunction with Music Section we are in final tourches of producing the Second and third new Gospel Albums.

We hereby requesting for the SUPPORT on recording and Producing our Two full Gospel Albums.

We thank God for your endless support and encouragement to the Church of Uganda - in promoting the work of God.

Youth of the above Church having realised that MUSIC is one of the greatest tool that can be used to strengthen Jesus' Ministry, and Sociatal behavioral change, and having I dentified you as one of the Upper hand in pasuit of this cause, hereby request you kindly to render a helping hand in recording and producing Gospel Music.

We have a Capacity of two Full Albums and these Albums with be produced/ Recorded on the End of October 2009. Your Internvetions and Assistance is Paramount.

Looking foward to recieving your assistance.

The Budet of the Programme in Brief;

Recording two Albums in Studio 600,000 Ug. Shillings - Equivalent to US $ 300.00

Recording Music on CDs, DVDs VCDs 200,000 Ug. Shillings - US $ 100.00

Dubbing on Cassettee (DAT) Tapes, 2 Cartons for 2 Albums 320,000 Ug. Shillings - US $ 160.00

Visual / Video Shooting, 2 songs 400,000 Ug. Shillings - US $ 200.00

GRAND TOTAL 1,520,000 Ug. Shillings

US $ 760.00 Dollars

For More Information and Support please feel free to Contact;

The Music Coordinator

Mr. Jackson Tumusiime Ateenyi
St. Luke's Church
Youth Department/Music Section
Tel. +256 783 898 483

Chairperson Music Department/ Youth Department

Mr. Musinguzi Solomon Amooti

St. Luke's Church

Youth Department/ Music Section
Tel. +256 782 787 076

Secretary Music Department/ Youth Department

Mr. Kusemererwa Kunihira

St. Luke's Church

Youth Department/ Music Section
Tel. +256 777153 696


Music / Senior Composer and Treasurer

Mrs. Nsimire Christine Abooki

St. Luke's Church

Youth Department / Music Section

Tel: +256 775 221 412

For those who like to give us what they have in God's spirit you can send us your Support on this Directory.

The Bank Account Address

Name of the Bank: Stanbic Bank

Name of the Branch: Bwamiramira - Karuguuza

Name of the District: Kibaale

Account Name: Tumusiime Jackson

Account Number: 0140591748001

Sparrows Gospel Choir currently uses this Account due to the problems the Account recently that we were using got some problems, but in time to come we shall clear the problem. Let us pray for you as you support the God's work.

Sparrows Gospel Choir participates in different Functions like the Wedding Ceremonies, Conventions, death ceremonies, thanks giving Ceremonies, and other Ceremony if invited and other Church Functions.

You can also hire the Choir FOR your function at any place at a netiable price and covers your function. For more information use the above mentioned Addresses and Contacts given.

All Choir Members are Born Again and they serve the Lord with one Heart you can aslo join them in the Long Jonery they started. God bless you.

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